How much does it cost to install solar in Arizona?

Residents of Arizona are lucky to live here. Not only is there beautiful desert landscape and towering mountains everywhere you look, residents also get to enjoy an average of 299 days of sunshine a year. Now it does get hot, some would even say it gets very, very hot in the summer, but it is a trade off because the rest of the year it is gorgeous. 

With all of that beautiful sunshine it is no wonder Arizona residents utilize solar energy on their homes. There are a lot of reasons why investing in solar energy is a good idea (see below), but regardless of the benefits the number one question on everyone’s mind is:

How much does it cost to install solar?

Well, the simple answer is….it depends. The cost to install solar is dependent on a lot of factors, but ultimately it comes down to how much electricity the homeowners use. The average price to install solar is $0.09 to $0.105 per kilowatt. Typically, a monthly solar payment is 15-35% less than the average utility bill. Thus, saving thousands to tens of thousands over the long haul. 

Typically, that cost is a fraction of the price homeowners pay to borrow their electricity from the utility company. And, in about 99% of cases, the monthly payment for solar is still less than the average monthly cost for electricity. And, in a lot of cases, homeowners finance their solar which helps to make it more affordable. 

Benefits of Solar

There are several benefits to installing solar:

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Receive credit from your utility company when you sell back the energy you aren’t using
  • Solar is a renewable, green and natural energy use so it helps the environment
  • The federal government will give a 26% tax credit.


Ready to go Solar?

If this sounds like a great idea and you want to know more about installing solar for your home in Arizona contact Paramount Energy at 480-757-0202 for more information. We will set-up an appointment for a solar specialist to come to your home and give you a very accurate quote. That is because we don’t estimate – we always get one year of usage beforehand so we can make sure we are giving you enough solar panels to power your home and your life.